Parents are the key. For children to grow up to be happy and healthy, they need love and support from their parents. That’s why we always involve parents in the process, through notes and phone catch ups.

However, many parents want to be more involved, and are keen to learn to do what we do, understand their child, and have a deeper knowledge of the techniques and approaches we use.

 For those parents, we are offering two options. 

 You can select, one or both of them:

HelpingKids Parent Academy (Self-Learning)

Life Coaching For Parents


A key learning over these years of doing life coaching for children and teenagers is that the vast majority of parents are doing a fantastic job. We regularly speak with parents who are caring, devoted and well prepared to bring up their children. But sometimes things get a bit tricky and it’s easy to feel out of our depth – all parents struggle from time to time. 

To help parents to develop their skills and confidence we offer 1-2-1 coaching sessions for parents (even if we are not seeing their children). 


In these sessions we provide:

    • An external assessment of the situation they are experiencing.
    • Understanding of what might be causing those issues.
    • Tools and techniques for them to use at home adapted to their personal situation and preference.
    • Long term strategies to create a great family environment where parents and children can succeed.

The Life Coaching For Parents program consists of three stages:

Stage 1: Assessment:

We start with a free phone consultation. This no obligation talk allows us assess the situation and explain how we can be of further help. We also will aim, when possible to provide actionable ideas and insight for them to use the moment finish speaking.

Stage 2: Learning

Here we have three 1-2-1 1hr coaching sessions. Most parents prefer to do this online (Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, FaceTime) as it reduces travel time and we can have the conversation from the comfort of their home. The sessions might be with one of the parents or with both (and thanks to technology, they don’t have to be in the same location!). While some parents are very clear on what they want to address, others are less sure. We can propose key topics to cover, always aiming to deliver the best value for parents to be able to understand and support their children. We recommend having the sessions on weekly basis to maximise learning and keep momentum going.

Stage 3: Follow up:

 At this stage we will be supporting you via email, short catch up calls and two one hour coaching sessions. We find parents in these last two sessions tend to be a lot more aware and clear on what they want to resolve. We will provide actionable insight and tools complementing all the learning they experienced in stage two