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Overcoming dyslexia – Empowering Learning programme – only 10 places -

What is Empowering Learning?

Empowering Learning™ is a ground breaking approach to learning that teaches the vital skill of mental imagery to those who have not automatically adopted it in the area of learning.

Mental imagery, a natural skill we use in most areas of life, has proven to be the missing link for many students struggling with literacy and numeracy. Previously believed to be the domain of 'natural learners', we now know this skill can be taught and developed by all.

Once mastered, this skill accelerates the progress made in all study programmes and interventions.

Empowering Learning™ shows you how to coach your struggling children to use their mental imagery more effectively and begin to really fulfil their potential

What will you learn?

  • 1. Understanding the abilities and talents of a dyslexic person
  • 2. Learning how to use visual imagery to improve literacy
  • 3. Obtain calming and concentration techniques for any situation in life.

Programme details

  • 6 weeks 1 hour sessions (1.5 hours in total to allow for a full 1hr of learning)
  • 1 parent/guardian and 1 child attending together
  • 10 places maximum (10 parents with 10 children)
  • Parents and children will be asked to practice techniques in between sessions.
  • Programme will be in the Ealing Broadway area.

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