What is it?

Helpingkids provide our life coaching services in primary and secondary school.

We offer three key services to school and students

  1. 1:1 coaching with students
  2. Parenting seminars:
    • - Building Confidence in our children
    • - Bouncing Back with Resilience
    • - A good homework routine
  3. Students afterschool clubs
    • - Transition to secondary school
    • - Exam confidence: common entrance emotional preparation

Why Life coaching in school

Our school programme was created to provide the best support to the children by involving parents (as we always do) and teachers. This provides full support for them to grow. Additionally it has the following benefits:


  • - No travelling time, the sessions take place in school one day per week
  • - The daily schedule is agreed with teachers to avoid disruption of academic lessons.
  • - The sessions can take place virtually anywhere in the school

Full support

  • - Daily 10 minutes debrief to each teacher for full understanding of the progress and techniques utilises
  • - School and parents will received weekly the full notes of each session.
  • - Availability for parents to ask question and get further support if needed

Relevance and effect

  • - A lot of the situations children face happen in school and this allows us to have first hand information on those situations and guide the children better.


  • - We create topic specific workshops for parents, students or staff on request.

How does it work?

We always offer a free pilot programme lasting for 8-10 weeks, depending on academic calendar and activities.  The pilot happens one day per week and it is arranged with the school in a mutually convenience way.

The school, students and parents receive the full service at no cost.

After the pilot programme the schools can take on the Life Coaching programme as an ongoing additional service

We can provide specific information about the different ways of funding this service.

Other relevant information

  •  All our coaches have a full disclosure DBS, practitioner insurance, first aid paediatric certificate and NSPCC safeguarding children certificate.
  • We only charge for the actual sessions or days attended.