What is it?

Non residential holiday camps for children (8-13 years old) happening in several locations.

The camps will focus

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3+1 outcomes for children attending Bright Talents Camps

1- Children will become more confident to improve their academic, family and social lives.

Children will learn how to create techniques to connect with their confidence whenever they need it. For exams, sports, social interaction, etc. They will feel empowered and focus to achieve their goals.

2-Children will develop key personal skills to succeed in life: goal setting, motivation, communication, team work, resilience

These 5 personal skills will be embedded through out the camps. The children will experience and learn about their ability to set their own goals in a positive and achievable way, how to motivate themselves and others to achieve them, how to communicate and work better with the group and how to bounce back from adversity and keep trying.

Games and activities are specially designed for children to focus on each skills.

3- Through team work and supervised mentoring children will develop strong social and leadership skills

Children attending the camps more than one time will be given supervised mentoring opportunities and wider roles within their teams to utilise their personal skills. They will take leading roles in different activities and help other children understand and learnt those same skills.

+1 Children will have fun, feel energised and learn while playing

The 5 days are designed to be fun and energising. Games, sports, arts and crafts and Yoga will be provided to enhance their enjoyment and learning experience.

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