What is it?

Parenting programme are 1:1 or 1:2 coaching sessions with parents, helping them understand their strengths, vision for their family and how to achieve it.

Why Life coaching for parents

Let’s be clear on this: parenting coaching session is not about shaming you, telling you everything you are doing wrong or judging your skills.  Most likely, everything you have done have all done it before and will probably do it again and it is nobody’s role to judge other parents.

As they say in the airplanes: “in case of emergency place the mask on your face before helping other people”

Parenting is a very demanding profession in which, at best, we are poorly trained. Eventually affects our confidence and ability to help those around us, being partners or children. Our work is to help you get back on track, utilising your strengths, personal vision and your desire for your family.

We will work only on the important areas for you. Some ideas are: Correcting behaviour, building a strong family ethos, creating communication with your children, growing and evolving with them.

Our outcome is that you become the best coach for your children and enjoy every moment.

How does it work?

The positive parenting programme consist of 5 sessions plus a free introductory session. We set clearly defined goals and outcomes.

Each programme is tailored to your need and goals.

Other relevant information

  • - The sessions last for 1hr and happen mostly in our consultation room in Ealing.
  • - Home visits tend to produce slower results, however in very special cases it can be done
  • - In some cases we advice for tactical joint sessions with partners or other member of the family. These sessions tend to be real break through for all the participants.