What is it?

1:1 coaching session provide total and undivided attention to the person we are working with. Our 5 sessions programme provide strong long lasting results.

You can take advantage of our free no obligation consultation before committing to the programme.

Why Life Coaching for children or teenagers?

While the situations we work with are varied, we summarise them in our ABC: Anxieties, Behaviour, Confidence

Life coaching helps young people to deal with emotional limitations that stop them from achieving their goals and enjoying their life. Through our specialised programme we ensure the young person builds their confidence to overcome any situation. They also build their self-awareness and obtain techniques to use through out their life. Don’t be surprised if your child starts coaching you how to remain calm!

How does it work?

The sessions are fun, personal and engaging. We use age appropriated games and activities to ensure we build a strong relationship in which the person can feel safe to explore their feelings.

The approach varies significantly depending on the age and maturity of the young person. From around 10 or 11 years old we can have a more structure conversation, while younger kids will require a lot more activities and games.

The programme consists of three main stages:

Stage 1: Build a relationship of mutual trust and understanding. We will use the most relevant approach to each person. It can be playing, drawing or open talk. The goal is to ensure they feel emotionally safe to, eventually, explore their feelings.

Stage 2: Place them in a position of strength. Build their confidence by focussing on what they do well. Create tailored techniques to be calm, focus, motivated and confident. Build self-awareness on their talents and abilities. They will regain their confidence and emotional strength.

Stage 3: Address the root cause. Only when they are emotionally strong, we will work on identifying the limiting beliefs, fears or causes of anxiety. Reframing them in a constructive way to allow them to move on with life. This stage will further reinforce their confidence and boost their resilience.

After each session the parents will receive the full notes from the session.

Other relevant information

  •  - The sessions last for 1hr and happen mostly in our consultation room in Ealing.
  •  - Home visits tend to produce slower results, however in very special cases it can be done
  •  - Our approach will vary significantly from child to child depending on their emotional state.
  •  - Working with Teenagers requires a very different approach. We will advice fully on it in the pre-meeting conference call.